JUST IN: When a kid calls himself “demonic” we should probably believe him

MT. CLEMENS, Mich. (WXYZ — A metro Detroit teen who pleaded guilty to making a false report of terrorism after threatening to kill everyone in a class at L’Anse Creuse High School will be sentenced on Wednesday morning.WXYZ Detroit

Click here to watch the video.

Deputies were dispatched to several students’ home and interviewed the students after the report of the threats. 

They also searched Robinson’s home in Harrison Township and found no weapons. When interviewing Robinson, he referred to himself as “demonic,” and expressed dislike for the “popular kids” in his 6th hour class.

Robinson also admitted to making threats to sew a student’s mouth shut and told a student he was going to stab them.

I’m usually not one to judge but when a kid describes himself as “demonic” we should probably believe him. It’s like when a person says they are about to drive off the side of a cliff. They’re probably not serious but you definitely don’t want to be the passenger who finds out they’re not joking. It’s at minimum obvious this student needs help with his mental health and maximum a serious threat to other student’s lives.

Apparently the threatening to sew a student’s mouth shut and telling another he would stab them wasn’t enough to warrant an investigation. Better wait until that bomb threat comes through or tragedy strikes in one way or another, right?

And if I was one of those “popular kids” in his 6th hour class how nervous do you have to be? They have to be hoping this kid is sentenced to the full 20-year potential and hope that’s enough time to get as far away from Mt. Clemens as possible. Go off the grid if you have to. I just watched Murder Mountain on Netflix and that might be a better option at this point than sticking around in 6th hour.

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