JUST NOW: Barstool mega-star KFC goes IN on the pathetic New York Jets


Now I know that this game happened back in Week 3 of the NFL season and we’re about to enter the Wild Card playoff round, but the fact that the New York Jets are one of the most pathetic franchises in human history is something that simply can’t be ignored.

After 635 days without a victory it was destiny that the Cleveland Browns lined up against the Jets. There is only one football team in the universe that could possibly be a more sorry and pitiful entity than the Browns, and that is the Jets. And there is only one football team in the universe that could lose by 50-points to the Jets with the youngest starting QB in Monday Night Football history that very same year, and that team is the Detroit Lions. Jets fans think they have it bad. Try being a Lions fan. It’s sickening. At what point can two teams just pool their talent and join forces? If that ever happens and the Jets and Lions become one then they might be able to squeeze out a .500 record. We can dream, right?

KFC also did an outstanding interview with Ronny Chieng, star of the hit movie Crazy Rich Asians that released back in August, but I keep getting this error message when trying to download the raw .mov file to premiere pro and it has to be the absolute most frustrating this of all-time.

2019-01-04 (32)

I’ve nearly thrown my laptop at the wall multiple times at this point and am ripping my hair out in frustration. I feel like my final paper in a college class is due and at the very top of my Microsoft Word document it reads *(NOT RESPONDING)* but you can’t destroy your laptop completely because you’re already 150 words into a 1,000-word essay and there’s no way you can rethink that content after such stress.

Unfortunately my Big J journo degree from Michigan isn’t helping me in this predicament but hopefully the KFC Radio crew will see that I have the qualifications and drive to be a tremendous asset on multiple levels at Barstool Sports.

Twitter: @JustinArmatis New: @JustNowDET


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