JUST NOW: Drummond shoots worst shot of all-time, goes for 20-20 in victory


And that’s why the big man should stick to the painted area of the floor that is closest to both baskets. The bigger man upstairs gifted Andre Drummond with a 6-foot-11, 280-lb body for a reason, and that reason and that was to punish his enemies by force. Not by step-back 3’s.

Good news is that Drummond did demolish the Chicago Bulls inside the area where he’s supposed to finishing with 20 points and 24 rebounds. He now has 53 double-doubles in 61 games this season to lead the NBA as the Pistons have won four straight and seven out of the last eight. They sit as the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference and would need a miracle to reach the top-5.

But if Drummond does indeed add a step-back 3-point shot to his arsenal he will be as nearly as unstoppable as seven-footer Wilt Chamberlain playing against 5-foot-6 scrawny white dudes in the 1960s. The Pistons would be championship material without a fraction of a doubt. The team is I defeated this season when Drummond attempts a step-back from long range…something to think about, perhaps.

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