JUST IN: Lions’ LB pulls taser prongs out of body after being arrested and punching cop for not paying a $32 cab fare

Things began going out of bounds for Trevor Bates, 25, at around 3 a.m., when he was arrested in front of the Hampton Inn Hotel in East Elmhurst near Laguardia Airport for refusing to pay the $32 cab fare from Manhattan, officials said. – NY Post

Detroit Lions linebacker Trevor Bates was arrested in New York on Saturday after he refused to pay his $32 cab fare and sucker punched one of the boys in blue in a Queens police station.

That’s a nice shiner right there but if you can’t pay a $32 taxi fare in New York as an NFL player you might need to re-evaluate your life. I know the stock market has been insanely volatile lately but c’mon man.

come on man

NYPD Sgt. James O’Brien suffered a black eye and a concussion over the incident but can forever say that he took a punch from an NFL linebacker. He’ll tell the grandkids about this one and they’ll look at him like he’s a hero as he stood up to a 6-foot-2, 247-pound behemoth of a human.

Apparently, things got messy when Bates was being processed for standard fingerprinting when things went off the rails.

“Out of the clear blue sky, he just wailed on the sergeant. The sergeant said he never saw it coming,” Mullins said.

A roundhouse punch to the left eye left the sarge momentarily blinded, Mullins said.

It took multiple cops to subdue the raging player — and even a Taser didn’t help, Mullins said.

“They Tased him and he ripped the prongs out” of his body, Mullins said.

I’m no fan of guys who blindside cops but anybody who has the drive and determination to rip taser prongs out of their body and keep fighting is exactly the type of person defensive coaches love to see in the trenches.

This guy Bates is not by any means an integral part of the Lions’ defense as he had just one solo tackle in nine game appearances in his first season with the organization. GM Bob Quinn said that the team has no comment for the time being but don’t expect this guy to be on Martha Ford’s payroll for much longer.

“He’s dog crap and the NFL condones criminals.” Sad but true. If Bates has the talent he will surely be on another NFL roster soon if released by the Lions. If the Lions keep him around it should tell you that Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia feel like he’s talented enough to keep around after punching a cop. And being described as a “wild animal” by the NYPD might actually help his stock.

But what’s worse? Having a person who punched a cop on your team or a person who brutalized a beat a woman? I’ll take neither, personally.

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