JUST IN: Lions hire OC known for worst play call in NFL history

The Detroit Lions surprisingly and casually announced the hire of new offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell on Wednesday afternoon.

One simple tweet changed the outlook of the franchise for the 2019 season that fans have extremely high expectations for.

Bevell has had a string of success in the NFL as an offensive mind and play-caller. He was hired out of a Connecticut University WR coaching position to be Assistant Quarterbacks Coach for the Green Bay Packers in 2000. Bevell worked with legendary Wrangler Jeans actor Brett Favre and won the NFC North three times in six seasons in Green Bay.

At the very least QB Matthew Stafford has to be happy he can finally get connected to the illustrious Wrangler brand. If he gets the hookup he could be playing backyard football in what Urban Dictionary describes as “jeans designed by cowboys for cowboys” for decades past his days getting obliterated behind a non-existent offensive line.

After Bevell secured Wrangler checks for Favre for a lifetime he moved on to be offensive coordinator for another NFC North rival, the Minnesota Vikings. This was the time when Favre was retiring and un-retiring like he was Michael Jordan in his prime. Bevell and Favre made it to the NFC Championship Game with the Vikings in 2009 where Favre had a career best passer rating.

After another season Bevell was hired by the Seattle Seahawks as offensive coordinator where he had his most success. After one down season, Bevell convinced head coach Pete Carroll to draft QB Russell Wilson. Carroll stated, “It was Bevell’s project.”

Bevell famously named Wilson the starting QB over big free agent signing Matt Flynn who the Lions single-handedly got a fat contract for.

Bevell and Wilson led the Seahawks to the playoffs in their first season together. In their second season they won Super Bowl 48 behind the fourth best rushing offense in the league with RB Marshawn Lynch.

Then, Bevell made what can only be know as the single worst play-call in the history of sports.

Bevell acknowledged making the call but also was quick to place blame on WR TJ Lockette for not being more aggressive on the play. Still, it is the most baffling call in NFL history by a large margin.

It can be argued that Bevell has never recovered from that call as the Seahawks floundered in the coming seasons and he was fired in January 2018. Hopefully he’s had the proper time to clear his mind and prepare to have one of the greatest throwing arms in NFL history at his disposal.

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