JUST NOW: Future Red Wing captain with a beaut OT winner

The next captain of the Detroit Red Wings Dylan Larkin for the win!

A B-E-A-utiful dish from rising star Andreas Athanasiou and the best player on the ice with the soft-touch poke-in goal to send the New York Rangers home with their tails between their legs.

Have you ever seen the veteran Ranger goalie Henrik Lundqvist, perennially known as one of the top tenders in the league over the past decade, react with such frustration?

I am extremely close to rescinding the Lose for Hughes movement because the Red Wings are straight-up rolling. There is nothing more I enjoy on Earth than when Journey is blaring through the loudspeakers after a Red Wings victory. The city of Detroit needs a playoff team they can get behind now more than ever and this young, hungry Red Wings team might be exactly the kick this place needs after the Lions have made complete and utter fools out of themselves. Combine this with the Pistons being a top-5 team in the Eastern Conference this season and Little Caesar’s Arena will be pulsating with energy come April.

Which would you rather have: a top-10 draft pick OR sneaking into the playoffs in a Wild Card slot? That’s a question I’m going to have to grapple with in the coming weeks if the Red Wings stay hot.

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